We offer standard brass neutral bars in sections of 7mm x 9mm, 8mm x 12mm, 19mm x 9.5mm, 12.7mm x 9.5mm having wide applications in distribution / panel boards. Both single screw per tunnel as well as double screws per tunnel can be made available as required from 6 ways, 12 ways, 18 ways, 24 ways, 30 ways, 36 ways, 42 ways, 48 ways, 60 ways upto 72 ways. We have listed some of the designs we manufacture in brass neutral bars. Other than these, we can also cater to any specific customer designs with respect to bolt hole, terminal holes, length and cross-section of brass neutral bars.

The bars are generally with fine surface finish and standard MS screws duly zinc plated. The option of cheese head screws or Philips head screws are also available.


Type A - 12.7mm X 12.7mm 7 way to 36 way

Type B - 12.7mm x 12.7mm

Type C - 7mm x 9mm

Type D - 8mm x 12mm

Type E - 6 way to 8 way

Type F - 24 way to 84 way

Type G - 12 way to 36 way